Updated 05-01-2020: A Message to our Fast Lane Luxury Travel Family and Friends (click here)

     This unprecedented COVID-19 Health Crisis has changed our world and, more specifically, the travel world. I remember on September 12th 2001 the sales of my, then commercial air travel company, went from $120 million/year to zero overnight. I had to close the business and terminate over 200 of my staff. Yet Fast Lane Travel, Inc. was not impacted. In fact, on September 23rd 2001, I departed with 19 couples on the then Fall PORSCHE Fest. It was different because the Government immediately tightened the airport security systems and travel resumed immediately. We can only hope that once things “normalize” the safety, health security and enthusiasm for travel will return.

     I just want to let you know that the entire Fast Lane Travel Team and I are determined to prevail and come out stronger. We are still working every day from home now – responding to your inquiries about our fall trips this year and taking reservations. Secondly, we are busy completing our exciting PORSCHE Tours for 2021, including, two awesome 2021 tours in the US: Chicago to Mt. Rushmore and Chesapeake to the Rolling Prairie. We’ll post them as soon as the planning and design are finished. In addition, we are designing a NEW trip: Germany’s Most Romantic Castles in the north of the country, including awesome North Sea resorts; Hamburg’s Miniature World; and the WW II Rocket Site of Peenemünde.

     On April 11th I decided to publish a regular Fast Lane Newsletter – dubbed the Petergram – to our loyal customer base and friends. The Petergram contains News, Messages from various Customers, our Team Members in Europe and Friends. It enables us to enjoy “Social Closeness.” If you are an alumnus and/or a friend of Fast Lane, please let me know and I’ll forward a copy of our Petergram Newsletter to you.

     Thank you very much for your continued support and trust in Fast Lane Travel’s great team in the US and in Europe. Please stay healthy and take good care of yourself and your family, as we do.

Sincerely, Peter – your CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).

p.s: To appreciate the impact of this Pandemic on our industry – please go to this link about the airline industry: (click here to read article)

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A Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor can secure special benefits that you can’t get on your own, such as complimentary breakfast, spa credits, and upgrades at hotels. But we also see the nuances in every trip. From big-picture aspects (where to go – and when) to the details that matter (booking the hotel rooms with the best views, where to get the most authentic pizza on the Amalfi Coast), your Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor knows how to plan a memorable trip.
We Know The World
Just as you might use a financial planner, an interior designer, or personal shopper, it makes sense to entrust your most valuable asset – your time – to an experienced Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor. We spend a lot of time on the road ourselves – scouting out hotels, deepening relationships with tour guides, and finding the best restaurants and things to do.
We Know Your Travel Style
A Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor understands what’s most important to you and your traveling companions. You may want to take a cooking class or a private tour, or you may not want to leave the resort pool! Perhaps you want to use travel to educate your kids, plan an unforgettable anniversary trip, or celebrate a milestone birthday with friends and family. Your Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor will have plenty of suggestions on what might work best for you.
We Expand Your Horizons
A Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor will help you think creatively about where to go and what to do. Italy, France, and Hawaii will always be popular. But your advisor also knows the best ways, say, to see Chile, Portugal, New Zealand, and many other hot destinations – plus new ways to experience the places you’ve already visited. Together, you can plan your next dream trip or weekend getaway.
We Can Handle Anything
Have you ever been on a trip where everything went exactly as planned? Right – this almost never happens. Issues are bound to pop up, and your Fast Lane Luxury Travel advisor is your personal help line and “fixer” who knows how to quickly turn things around for the better. When we follow up after your trip, you’ll surely have an answer to this question: “Where do you want to go next?”

" Happy Customers "

You are the best!
John L. Bosch Co.
(Cuba) was amazing. Bucket list stuff. Thank you!
Dena C. Tampa, FL
Thanks again for making this such a great trip (to Spain) for us!!
Sharon L. Bloomfield Hills, MI

Thanks to you for making this trip so easy. Lufthansa was wonderful to me and the cello, and they already knew about the cello when I appeared at the check-in in Denver. The hotel in Paris is terrific - very tidy and clean, and in the perfect neighborhood. It is turning out to be a great trip - many thanks for your help!
Scott K. Tampa, FL
It was a wonderful time (at Sandals Antigua)! The weather was perfect, the meals were perfect and the butlers were perfect! Thank you also for the gift. It was much appreciated!
Daryl D. Milwaukee, WI
I don’t need anything, just sending you a big hello and thanks again for our great trip (to the Magic Kingdom)!!! The kids had such a fantastic time, and were SO good. So here you go -- a few pictures from our latest adventure, by way of our most favorite Travel Goddess in the ENTIRE WORLD!
Yvette, Grace, Zach and Danielle F. Atlanta, GA

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